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Antonio Doro, the company’s founder, settled in this area, one of the most charming of the Vittorio Veneto municipality, in 1956.
Our winery develops in a hilly area that fits perfectly in the context of the DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene . Our vineyards lie on sunny slopes and together with the particular terrain is created here a micro area that makes it unique and valuable within the denomination.
Our long wine-making tradition, dated back to the late 19th century, was passed down the generations to Silvano and Massimo Doro, who named their company “Toni”, as everyone used to call their grandfather. This is proof of the strong ties we have with our land that is not so much a legacy from our ancestors but rather something lent to us by our children. For this reason we are implementing an increasingly environmentally friendly approach to fully respect the area where we live and work.
Respect that we also apply to our vine plants doing many tasks by hand. First of all the harvest that allows us to complete our quality process.
All of this work becomes a genuine wine, of a moderate body and with a fruity and floral exclusive scent. A wine with tones not too high, to be served as an aperitif or at the table . An emotion that reminds our land .
Ours, is a passion that first grows into work and then becomes Prosecco Superior!