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Demonstrate how important the maintenance of biodiversity among our vineyards is a goal that we have set long time ago. The opportunity was given to us by the presence in the farm of a natural pond that for almost a century was used for watering the animals and, more recently , to irrigate the vegetable garden. Then the cooperation with the Biologist Ivan Diego has allowed us to make small ponds of this type useful for a multitude of animals that otherwise would find it difficult to survive and especially to breed. An example is given by all amphibians (frogs, toads, newts and salamanders ) or from common dragonflies , not to mention the small insects or the rare spider diver.

First we took off, with meticulous care , goldfish that had been introduced a few years before and that were donated to a local store. This is because the fish feed on everything that is edible, including eggs deposited by frogs and toads. During the operation, with great surprise, have also appeared some specimens of Alpine Newt (Ichthyosaura alpestris) , including a female in a state of pregnancy. Now the pool is restored and will welcome the return of amphibians that, led by the irresistible lure of water, will return in the spring to lay their own eggs.

Amphibians are also excellent Bioindicators because their skin is particularly sensitive to pollutants, even if present in small amounts. Their presence confirms that careful management leads to respect for the product and the environment. We are so happy to have them as allies because , in addition to brighten up the summer nights with their croaks, definitely make our vineyards their canteen, running around in the humid nights between the rows looking for small insects to eat , including certainly harmful ones.