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“The job in the vineyard is the only thing that can make you comprehend that the land is a “gift” to the human being; he is not the owner, he can use it and respect it.” (Silvano e Massimo)

With this philosophy we have gathered the fruit of our hills and of our toil to create a wine that keeps inside the gift (DONO) of the earth and the gift of those who gave us this farm in order to bring forward a passion that must always become more eco-sustainable and with respect for nature. In line with this idea we do not use chemical herbicides in order to keep alive the turf and to have useful herbs to the ecosystem.

We also let the grass grow between the rows so that the flowers can ripen and drop the seeds and this helps us move better after the rains.

We plow the soil under the vines, in the first 7 – 8 years from the plant, adding manure after the harvest. This also allows better soil transpiration which greatly facilitates young vines.

We have signed up to the commitment, carried out by the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Consortium, to voluntarily apply the indications of the Viticultural Protocol. Following these indications, we always use the products for the defense of the vines that have the lowest environmental impact.

We also have a weather station that allows us to be precise in the intervention times in order to reduce the number of treatments. Having the precise data of temperature, humidity, amount of rain and leaf wetness available, we can calculate the appropriate moment to perform the defense operations.

Then we naturally control the insects (Lepidopteras)  that would otherwise nest inside the grapes and as a consequence the worms, leaving the grapes, would damage and lower the quality of the grapes. We do this using pheromone laces, applying the system of mating  disruption.

From the year 2020 we have also obtained the SQNPI certification. This certification attests that we operate according to the guidelines of this protocol in order to maintain the highest level of sustainability.

Furthermore, there are various agronomic practices that we implement in order to obtain the best possible balance between vines and nature. These operations range from pruning aimed at the right load of buds, to the management of the foliage during the growing season, the post-flowering defoliation (where necessary) to get to the harvest done strictly by hand. Due to the unique characteristics of the soil, we do not even resort to irrigation. This further certifies the quality of the product that derives only from weather conditions, without interventions aimed at altering the natural balance (increased production in the absence of rain). We then installed a photovoltaic system that covers our energy needs and also allows us to transfer energy. In addition, there is also a panels cooling system which maintains a controlled temperature in the hot months, increasing  the efficiency of the system. The water used is rainwater, collected in a tank and with recirculation.

These guidelines allow us to manage our vineyards with care and respect for nature and the environment around us aware that our planet is the only one we have and we must defend.